CryoCure Interview: Inga Fruman of CryoCure Hewlett, New York

The story of Inga Fruman from CryoCure

Hi Inga,

Can you tell us more about yourself and your business? 

I am licensed acupuncturist and a practitioner of Traditional Oriental medicine. I have graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2002 and have had many years of experience practicing in different medical facilities including a multi-disciplinary pain management and rehabilitation clinic, a yoga studio, and I have also gained specialization in aesthetic acupuncture facial rejuvenation.

Why cryotherapy?

I am a strong believer in helping our bodies heal itself with alternative holistic modalities. Being a practitioner of an alternative medicine and having experience working with different people's issues gives me an opportunity and advantage to apply my knowledge to my clients at CryoCure Center and draw a strong connection between how cryotherapy and acupuncture work together. Even though they're very different, both of these holistic modalities promote natural healing properties, improve and optimize overall health, and promote healthy longevity.

How long have you been in business?

Even though I have many prior years of experience practicing acupuncture and Tradition Chinese Medicine, CryoCure Center was established in June 2016 and has been operating for over a year. We are very proud to say that over this past year we have gained around one thousand clients; have helped many of them change quality of their lives - and unlike many other medical facilities and spas - we've created a very warm and personal relationship with each client. It certainly makes everyone feel welcomed at CryoCure.

Why did you pick Hewlett, NY?

I am a resident of Five Towns in Long Island for 17 years, and I am happy to introduce CryoCure Center cryotherapy and acupuncture to our local community.

What type of clients do you see? Who does cryotherapy help the most & is there a trend?

At CryoCure our clientele varies from athletes to people of different ages with autoimmune and rheumatoid arthritis conditions. Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed in 1978 by Dr. Yamaguchi to treat his rheumatoid arthritis patients. Brief exposure to subzero temperature and rapid decrease in temperature of outer layer of skin, triggers body's natural protective "fight or flight" reflex causing constriction of blood vessels, the release of endorphins and an anti-inflammatory response. This powerful response leads to oxygenation and enrichment of blood, reducing internal inflammation and pain. 

Cryotherapy has also been very popular with athletes and celebrities for its muscle recovery, healing properties, and increase of energy and performance level. A lot of our clients have been doing cryotherapy for its amazing anti-aging and weight management properties as it helps in stimulating collagen production, reducing cellulite, tightening the skin, boosting metabolism, and burning 500-800 calories. Our cryo-facials are another "must try" anti-aging beauty treatment, as it stimulates collagen production, blood flow to the face, tightening the skin, reducing fine lines, improving facial completion with immediate appearance of a "glow" and helping many conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, and acne.

Have you seen any "must talk about" results? Is there any amazing recovery stories?

Many of our clients have shared their amazing stories and results of cryotherapy, which you can see our social media pages. A few of them are: a long-term client of ours has been suffering from endometriosis for many years and suffering with consistent episodes of intense pain despite undergoing many surgeries (unsuccessfully) and daily intake of heavy narcotic pain medication. After coming for cryotherapy just for the first few times and feeling skeptical about it, but willing to try anything, she was surprised to realize she didn't have pain that week and then the following weeks after staying consistent with the course of cryotherapy treatments. Then with our maintenance program, she was able to control her pain episodes to less frequent and much lower intensity. 

Another one of our amazing stories is a woman who many years ago was involved in car accident while being pregnant and been living with a constant back pain for twenty years. We were overjoyed to see her come out of a treatment room with a huge smile and tears of joy saying that she forgot how it felt to be pain free!

How many sessions does it take for cryotherapy to be most effective?

Even though there are immediate benefits and improvements following each treatment, for the long term benefits it is generally recommended to go through the course of a minimum of 10 treatments with a consistency of no more than four days between each treatment.

Is it expensive to do cryotherapy?

We offer an introductory 2 for 1 promotion. For the price of one $70 full body cryotherapy treatment - you get two treatments. We also offer packages that make treatments very affordable. For example, a package of 10 full body cryotherapy treatments is $500, which comes out to be the same price as one's insurance co-payment for a physical therapy treatment - which often times does not address the problem.

Any words of advice for somebody who has never done cryotherapy before?

Whenever people come for the first time for a full body cryotherapy treatment, they're nervous, just like I was for my first time. Most people prepare themselves for the worst and afterwards realize that they were too worried. What they should know is that they will feel cold, but the air is completely dry, unlike natural environment or cold showers, which makes the treatment very tolerable.

Any problems or health hazards to be aware of with cryotherapy?

Most important contraindications of whole body cryotherapy are cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes. Another thing to watch out for is not to have any moisture on the body prior to a treatment to avoid frostbites. If a client happen to come from the gym or on a hot summer day and have excess perspiration on the body, we provide towels.

Do you guys do any local events? Are you part of any business association?

At CryoCure Center we often have localized cryotherapy events in local gyms and fitness centers where we give people an introduction to a cryotherapy treatment as we educate them more about benefits and the procedure of a full body cryotherapy treatment.

CryoCure Center is a proud member of the Woodmere Business Association and is trying to contribute as much as possible to our community!

What’s your goal for CryoCure? Any plans in the works that we should be aware of?

We are hoping to continue to grow as we help many more people and welcome them to CryoCure family. We are also hoping to open a second location soon and offer our clients many more additional services.