CryoCure Cryotherapy Packages & Specials

Are There Different Types Of Cryotherapy?

Yes, at our CryoCure Center location in Hewlett, NY, we offer full body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, and facial rejuvenation treatments. You can check out the packages and offers below, or scroll down further to read about the benefits as well as to read some frequently asked questions. We at Cryocure Wellness Center want to make sure you're more than happy with the results and if you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone!

Cold Never Felt So Good

Cryotherapy Basic Packages

Full Body

2 to 3 minutes of standing in a cold chamber

• Single Session = $69 • Package of 3: $195 •

 • Package of 5: $295 • Package of 10: $479 


3 to 8 min. treatment of chilled liquid nitrogen vapor mist

 Single Session = $39 • Package of 5: $175 •

• Package of 10: $299

Full Body & Local Packages

• One Full and One Local = $95  

Package of 5: $395 •

• Package of 10: $695 •

Monthly Maintenance Packages

  • Monthly maintenance pack for up to 8 treatments (applied after initial purchase of 10 treatments package): $350/month

  • Unlimited maintenance membership monthly (following purchase of package of 10 session): $550*

*One daily treatment

Key Benefits for Cryotherapy

  • increase energy and improve sleep

  • reduce muscle inflammation and pain

  • reduce muscle soreness and tension

  • less pain from injury or join disorder

  • boost metabolism

  • reduce international (inflammation) and pain

  • improve overall health

  • support immune system

  • anti-aging benefits

Full Body Cryotherapy Benefits

Full Body Cryotherapy - CryoCure Hewlett

Full Body Cryotherapy - CryoCure Hewlett

Full Body cryotherapy has been used to reduce inflammation, mitigate pain, improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen production, treat rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. 

Local Cryotherapy Benefits

Local Cryotherapy - CryoCure Hewlett

Local Cryotherapy - CryoCure Hewlett

Localized cryotherapy has been used to enhance the local effect of the full body cryotherapy, reduce pain and inflammation in specific areas, stimulate collage production, improve skin tone, and reduce signs of aging. 


What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy derives its name from the Greek word “Cryo” – meaning “Cold” – and “Therapy” – meaning “Cure”Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperatures for health benefits. It was originated in Japan in the 1970s, but different forms of low temperature therapy have been around since the 1700s.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed in 1978 by Dr. Yamaguchi to treat his rheumatoid arthritis patients. Brief exposure to subzero temperature and rapid decrease in temperature of outer layer of skin, triggers body's natural protective "fight or flight" reflex causing constriction of blood vessels, release of endorphins and anti-inflammatory response. This powerful response leads to oxygenation and enrichment of blood, reducing internal information and pain.

What Should I Expect In A Cryotherapy Session?

At our CryoCure Center location in Hewlett, NY, the first step will be a consultation where one of our trained staff member will sit with you and ask you a series of questions about your health (ex: Do you have high blood pressure? Any heart conditions?). Afterward, a staff member will take your blood pressure, and then you’ll be taken to the changing rooms.

In your changing room you’ll find mittens, cryo-socks, and a clean robe for you to walk from the changing room to the Cryochamber. During the treatment, you will wear hand and feet protection, as well as an undergarment, to protect sensitive areas. Next, you will step inside a top-of-the-line, open top cryochamber where you are briefly surrounded by a frosty vapor of a liquid nitrogen with your head being above the surface.  As you step into the cryochamber our trained cryotherapy technician will assist you from the beginning to the end of the treatment, which lasts 1.5 - 3 minutes. 

The temperature inside the chamber will drop to between -184F and -292F (-120C to -160C).  Many compare the sensation to standing in front of an open freezer on a hot day – chilly but tolerable.

After a short treatment inside the chamber you will perform a moderate cardiovascular exercise, like riding a stationary bike to help warm up the body.

At CryoCure Center, we also offer localized cryotherapy treatment – which is a mobile machine that disburses a fine mist of chilled liquid nitrogen vapor to an individual area of the body. This treatment lasts 3 to 5 minutes.