Flotation Benefits & Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

We at CryoCure New York have been collecting research and frequently asked questions to create and space for you to do your due diligence when learning about flotation therapy and process. We want you to be happy with your decision and if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to call.

FLotation Benefits at Cryocure

(a flotation tub is used instead of a tank - it will have the same benefits but you'll feel less claustrophobic)
cryotherapy benefits - cryocure ny 

cryotherapy benefits - cryocure ny 

Cryocure Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who does Flotation Therapy work for?

Floating enthusiasts told The New York Times that anyone looking to “stretch their artistic, spiritual and even athletic boundaries” can benefit from floating. After reviewing participants’ reports regarding floating’s effects, researchers even concluded this:

“Many of the participants had been using a range of different methods to reduce pain, stress and other individual health issues prior to floating. Medicines, yoga, massage and physiotherapy were some of the treatments mentioned, and never had they so successfully been relieved from pain, tension, stress, etc.”

Those looking for more of a scientifically-supported reason to try floating will be happy to know it’s backed up by much ongoing reason. Although there’s still lots to learn regarding the physiological effects of sensory deprivation, floating is believed to potentially help alleviate all sorts of stress-related problems like:

Q. Is it dangerous?

No. CryoCure offers a safe environment with a knowledgeable staff to help you along your journey. The tubs aren't deep enough for any potential drowning issues, and if there are any sources of discomfort, you will always be able to contact our CryoCure staff immediately. 

Q. Is it comfortable?

At first it can be uncomfortable because of the new experience, but all it takes is just a bit of deep breathing and focus to begin floating into a deep sleep or relaxation.

Q. How long does it take?

You can choose your session time. We offer 60 minute or 90 mins floats - and you can add additional 30 minutes to your sessions as well. 

Q. What do I wear?

Your flotation therapy session is completely private, so you may choose to wear your bathing suit, underwear, or nothing at all. The choice is yours and no one will interrupt you. 

Q. Do I take a shower before or after the treatment?

You can shower before and after as you wish - your personal shower room is connected to your private session. Most people shower after since the magnesium sulfate has a tendency to corrode your clothing, so it is highly recommended to shower after your session.