CryoCure Flotation Therapy

[Only available in our BELLMORE, NY location]

Imagine floating through space, weightless. Imagine that all sensations of sight, sound, temperature—even the light stress of supporting your own body—have simply slipped away.

What is Flotation Therapy?

Sensory deprivation is achieved through floating in a type of isolation tank/tub that cuts off all sources of sensory experience: sound, sight, smell and touch. Another way floating is referred to in research studies is “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique,” or floating-REST.

Float tubs that are used for inducing sensory deprivation are filled with water that is almost the exact same temperature as the floater’s body, along with high amounts of Epsom Salt (made from magnesium sulfate). The salts allow you to remain restfully floating at the water’s surface in complete silence and stillness. During the entire session, floaters generally feel light and peaceful, without needing to exert any effort to stay afloat.


Float Benefits

Floating has many benefits and one of the most important one is the stress and tension release. Floating in this manner helps your body relax and recover - lowering levels of cortisol, lowering blood pressure and promoting positive feelings of well-being. Studies show that increased mindfulness and decreased stress during float session reduce markers of bodily distress syndrome (BDS). Researchers often use the term “BDS” to describe negative physiological changes that take place when someone is under a lot of stress. These "BDS" signs are now tied to things like fibromyalgia symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome and somatization disorder.

At the same time, magnesium sulfate is slowly absorbed throughout the session to help your rejuvenate your body and help it recover from tingling, numbness, spams/cramps, and fatigue. You may choose to float in complete silence and darkness - or take advantage of our colorful lighting and music capabilities to help you relax the best way possible.

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Key Flotation Benefits

  • Ultimate in recovery and relaxation • Sensory deprecation and detox • Physical, spiritual, and mental enhancement •
    • Soothes aching muscles and joints • Benefits many skin disorders •

Additional Benefits


  • Decreases stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Enhances creativity and problems-solving skills
  • Decreases production of stress hormones
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Promotes peaceful relaxation
  • Builds heightened awareness of all senses


  • Decrease Pain
  • Decreases build-up of lactic acid in muscle
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

Pricing and Packages


(Sensory Deprivation Tubs)

  • Floats never expire and may be shared with family members and friends!
  • Add 30 mins to any float for an additional $20 per person
  • Single Session - 60 Min $79 or 90 Min $99
  • 5 Session Package - 60 Min $325 or  90 Min $375
  • 10 Session Package:  60 Min $550 or 90 Min $675

Special Treatment Plans 

Love to Float Membership

$109 per month (auto billed monthly) 

3 month minimum commitment

  • Two 60 minute Float per month
  • Two 30 minute Sauna per month
  • Purchase additional 60 minute floats for $55

Like to Float Membership

$59 per month (auto billed monthly)

 3 month minimum commitment

  • One 60 minute Float per month
  • One 30 minute Sauna per month
  • Purchase additional 60 minute floats for $59


Float away your stress.

Stepping into your float room is simple and easy. First you'll be taken to your changing room that is also attached to a shower - which leads to your flotation tub. You'll be able to undress in complete privacy, and step into the tub and begin your session. 

From here on you are in complete control. Our flotation tubs are equipped with music, colorful lights, and a "float pillow" to help you relax even further. Research shows that complete sensory deprivation (silence and complete darkness) helps your mind relax further and for you to feel to full benefits - but you can relax whichever way you see fit. You may float in swimwear, but most people prefer to float wearing nothing at all. Your session is completely private.

Your body will acclimate to the temperature of the water and you'll begin floating effortlessly. Try to be calm and relax, it may be difficult at first since it will be an experience you've probably never felt before (unless you've been to the dead sea), so don't worry - focus on you muscles relaxing and let the calm take you.

At the end of your session you can simply stand up and step out of your tub and into our conveniently locate shower room that is attached to your sensory deprivation tub. Shower off the contents of the tub because they can ruin your clothing. After your shower, you may get dressed and take a deep breath as you feel more relaxed than ever before. Our staff is there to help with any further questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy!